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Looking to set up a growing space? Improve on your abundance of growing? Find out techniques to grow more or help with crop planning? We can help.

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New Space Design

Crop & Seeding Planning

Market Garden or Allotment Design

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Minute Zoom Consultation

A consultation on zoom with Chris and Jack that is set up to achieve your goals. With follow up summary and action points worksheet.

– Just £200 £150 –

60 Minute Zoom Consultations

Get a bank of 4x 1hour consultations and save a good amount. Includes 4x 60min zoom consults with Chris and Jack plus action plans and accountability check in’s.

– Just £800 £599 –

In Person Consultation

Chris and Jack can tailor in-person consultation with you. Either on your site, or you can come to one of our farms. Get in touch to get a quote on in-person or tailored consulation packages.

– Quote On Contact –

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Looking to start a full market garden, an allotment, a food forest or to grow microgreens on your windowsills?? We can help with any scale of project and have experience in all of these areas.

Jack is a Permaculture Design Teacher, has been growing for 7 years and has fantastic experience in market garden growing, allotment growing, microgreen and mushroom growing too.

Chris lives and works on an off-grid market garden building it from the ground up. He also has 7 years experience starting in veg patches, moving to allotments and now on a 4 acre market garden and homestead.

Between them Chris and Jack would be delighted to help you with any project you have. We can provide detailed help and experience with growing space design, crop planning, off-grid building, homestead and farm build or design, track building, compost, seeds, tools and so much more…

Years Growing Experience

Crops Grown

Latest Projects

Chris Food Grower Market Garden

Fanfield Farm

In 2019 this farm was an empty off-grid field. Within two years Chris has built a thriving market garden with over 60 veg boxes provided weekly through the year.

The farm is a minimum-dig, regenerative farm with permaculture principles throughout. Including off-grid buildings and nature reserved areas.

Jack Food Grower Aerial

Jacks Patch

Jack took on a 1/4 acre field and turned it into a thriving market garden on the outskirts of London. His permaculture training can be seen throughout as he regularly produces amazing produce for local chefs and markets.

Now in it’s third year Jack is growing incredible quality veg with a beautifully designed site that is fully no-dig.

Container Growing

With weather and climate challenges hitting there is desire for more control over our growing conditions.

A solution was to design and build a fully growing shipping container. From a steel box to now producing kilo’s of microgreens and mushrooms weekly.

Fully controlled environment that is an incredible show of urban farming, with just a container and a power connection.

We’ve Been Growing For Over 14 Years Combined

Jack and Chris have combined experience of 14 years growing for commercial reasons and with many more than that growing for fun too.

Whether you are looking to feed you and yours, or to set up a food growing business we can help.

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Let’s Build Something Together

If you have any questions please do get in touch, some of our common Frequently Asked Questions are here too.

You can also email us at or use the contact box below.

I don't want a business, I just want to feed my family?

That is absolutely fine, if everyone did this the world would be an incredible place. We can help you plan your year in food and plan the space, showing you just how much can be grown in small spaces.

I live far away is this a problem?

No problem at all, if you book one of our online consultations we won’t need to be in the same place. We will use a Zoom call on your computer, tablet or phone to conduct the consultation.

Is this just a one-off call?

No we don’t do call and forget! In the lead up to the consultation session we will send message or emails with forms to see what you want to get out of the call. We will then follow up with action plans, emails including tools and an accountability check in too.

What happens if I want you to visit my site?

We can do that. Send us an enquiry and we will be able to let you know costs and how we can work together.

I need help desiging a whole new farm, can you help?

Yes, this is something we specialise in and would love to help. Between us we have built several market gardens, farms and allotments including off-grid solutions too.

We can help with growing solutions for any scale of project.

Client Testimonials

We wanted to send a thank you for our mentoring session last month; we really enjoyed the visit and it has given us lots to think about. It was inspiring and reassuring to see what you are achieving, and we appreciated your honesty and candour about it all. The session was invaluable.

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