Inspiring anyone and everyone to grow food

Every week we deliver you a podcast that interviews a fantastic food grower that is doing things differently, inspirationally or that has an awesome story to tell.

This is a podcast that will hopefully inspire and inform you whatever experience you have… from aspiring grower, to casual allotmenteer, right through to fully fledged market gardener. We will be talking everything from no-dig to permaculture, mushrooms to marketing.

In this episode the last of season 2… We bring you the recording of The Food Grower Academy Christmas Party 2022… Where Chris and Jack sum up the season, have a live Q&A with members, plus put the all important Quick Fire Questions to some of the Academy Members. Thank you to everyone who listens...
Food Grower Podcast - Mr Plant Geek - How growing plants led to becoming a TV presenter
In this episode Andy chats with Michael Perry from the brilliant Instagram account Mr Plant Geek. They talk about getting started growing, finding and sharing the joy in plants, being a Hortpreneur and How Growing Led to TV Presenting. — This is the weekly podcast that talks all things food growing with those doing amazing...
This a new episode of the podcast that will come out each week on a Friday with “These 5 Things!”… 5 helpful hints, tips or lists to help you on your food growing journey. And in this episode it’s 5 Things To Consider When Starting A Growing Business. — This is the twice weekly podcast...

Such a great podcast for fans of growing food, in an accessible and sustainable way. Not just about growing veg, but the highs and lows of running a business. It's a cold beer in afternoon for me!

– ViscountDeRoche (Apple Podcasts Review)

Great stories, easy banter and full of inspiration and information. Listening to this makes me want to jack in my job and get growing!

– DMags77 (Apple Podcasts Review)

A great podcast presented by two fantastic growers talking to like minded growers from a wide background. No matter what your context, there will be something you can gain from this podcast so listen in and enjoy.

– Scott Little (Apple Podcasts Review)

Yes! Love what you're doing here guys. Very timely and definitely need in the UK. Viva la revolucion!

– Sammy Sturgess (Apple Podcasts Review)

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