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In this episode we are delighted to have Elliot from Urban Farm It to chat to and talk about all things Urban Farming, Mushroom Growing & Aquaponics… We cover A LOT in this episode, it was an awesome conversation, here’s what we talk about:

  • Urban Farm It – Ambitions, Goals and The Business
  • Elliot’s background and how he got here
  • The importance of education, and truly educational products
  • Product development at Urban Farm It
  • Regenerative not Sustainability
  • Learning from growing techniques across the world where backs are against the wall
  • How landscape is changing – you don’t have to sacrifice profit to do good – an important mindset change
  • How important mushrooms are to the world
  • How to grow mushrooms using kits
  • The world couldn’t survive without Mycelium
  • Mushrooms are starting to engrain in popular general culture
  • How to grow Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Don’t resist as small businesses, be flexible for success 
  • Mushroom Gardening – Huge benefits, no downsides… No brainer?!
  • Wine cap mushrooms in spaces around the farm (Under rhubarb, in straw)
  • Oyster mushrooms in pathways with hardwood chip
  • You can’t overlay the same judgements over everyone
  • “If you’re not the one to save the world be the one that tries”
  • Closing the loop, recycling and teaching how to recycle
  • Why isn’t this stuff being taught to children here in schools?
  • Mushrooms in market gardening
  • Aquaponics and how it could change the world
  • Copying what nature does
  • How important a great team is and how to manage morale in a team
  • Working with people thats business values align with yours 

Plus the all important quick-fire questions of course…. Will our guest be #teambeer or #teamcoffee ???

This is a podcast that will hopefully inspire and inform you whatever experience you have… from aspiring grower, to casual allotmenteer, right through to fully fledged market gardener. We will be talking everything from no-dig to permaculture, mushrooms to marketing.

We are your hosts Chris from Fanfield Farm and Jack from Jacks Patch and we will be bringing you an inspirational interview, some tips and tricks from our own farms as well as the fun feature of quick fire questions that we ask every guest…. Obviously including whether they prefer an evening farm beer or morning farm coffee!!

Show Notes: – Urban Farm It Youtube Channel – How to grow Oyster Mushrooms – Urban Farm It

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