The weekly podcast that talks all things food growing with those doing amazing things from across the UK and the world.

Every week we deliver you a podcast that interviews a fantastic food grower that is doing things differently, inspirationally or that has an awesome story to tell.

In this episode we are doing things a bit differently with Chris and Jack answering your questions on growing. We reached out via our Instagram account for questions and have a great list for you, here’s what we cover:


Is there a place for technology in the market garden? Sensors, automation, alerts


I have a slug somewhere in my greenhouse – how can I draw him out?

Budget allotmenting from scratch. free/cheap environment freidnly stuff to get started?


Is it possible to grow decent food in a small north face garden & v little experience 


What do you find more successful -direct sow/seed cells? Cells for me me but I wonder if I’m doing it wrong 


What’s your top 3 tips for starting a commercial market garden

Your opinions on the food shortages please, how bad do you think its going to get?


What mushrooms and what time of year to grow outdoors in the U.K. 


If you could only grow one crop, what crop would it be

Best foods to pickle / jar for christmas presents?

If you moved to another country to farm, which country would you pick and why?

Should I cover my allotment in a thick layer of leaves to suppress weeds over winter?

Plant beans and peas now or next year?

And much much more…

This is a podcast that will hopefully inspire and inform you whatever experience you have… from aspiring grower, to casual allotmenteer, right through to fully fledged market gardener. We will be talking everything from no-dig to permaculture, mushrooms to marketing.

We are your hosts Chris from Fanfield Farm and Jack from Jacks Patch and we will be bringing you an inspirational interview, some tips and tricks from our own farms as well as the fun feature of quick fire questions that we ask every guest…. Obviously including whether they prefer an evening farm beer or morning farm coffee!!

Show Notes:

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